October 17, 1749Horseback

My lands gleam with the sun, I prepare to leave for the remains of Spain. May Buneo Fortuna come with me and may my fellow steed, Golden, come with me for the journeys to come.

Entry 1: A adventure begins.

October 17, 1749

I ride onto the wind, Golden is riding for glory he knows what I must do for all of this. I already see several men on the hills leading outside of Switzerland, my dutys are clear, clean the area and kill off any people hostile to me. It is already dark, Im out of the border of Switzerland, my only regret is that my deeds may or may not be accomplished, this is what life does, you never know when life is going to strike, this all makes sense but I know I can't give up. I see bandits organized yelling orders, they see me and I know if I do any sudden moves I dead, they look at me looking at my armor and sword, they yell out ' Conquistador we wish to fight you to the death! ' ' Fine allow me to dismount, Golden shakes his mane, he doesn't want me to fight but in order to get to my destination faster and clean out these men, I must fight for the holy cross of the Crusaders and Hospilaiters, but these men look weak, they are wearing a tunic made out of wool and leather sticked together, I grab my sword and they all charge at me ' Kill the Conquistador! ' I slash and I blunt some with my pistol, The chief pushes others '' 'away and 'looks at me ' 'YOU ARE ALL WEAK, I can't do anything without you all getting hurt!' he charges at me and I slide and lower cut him, He dodges and smiles ' that trick is not going to get me Samuel, your better than this ' I gasp and see what I don"t wish to see, my rival with a gang, he looks different. He slashes me and I charge at him then he hits me with a slam with that is so loud Im suddenly knocked out and all I see is the darkness.

Entry 2: A surprise...

October 18, 1749

I see a figure, he looks dark and pale, 'You there where am I! ' He turns around and smiles " Sam, your in my realm, the Painful Realm.' 'Kwagar!, Matthew told me you disappeared, I believe it but why did you leave?' 'I left for a purpose, but never tell this to anyone, and I think its time for you to come back then Sam.' I suddenly yell and find myself in a box. A guard riding a wagon says that I finally woke up after 2 hours, and that Im being taken to the  chief of the main tribe, Fernando. I sit back and relax, my body is stiff and I grab a block of wood to hit against the box. I hear many men walking and talking around me. I see a horse, ' Golden!' 'Hmm..? oh yes the horse, he's going to the altar to be burned alive to give good faifth.' I groan and start punch the box. ' What is left of Spain, Bandit?' He turns around and yells in Islam, men unload my box and when they do I lash forward and slam my fist against one of them, I see my pistol and sword, I waste no time in getting them, I grab them and shoot too of the guards. I pull out my sword and slash against the driver of the wagon, he falls dead and so do the other guards. I throw the dead guards onto the box and close It back. I let go of the other horse and strap the harness to Golden, he shakes his mane ' I know, but its only for a small distance.' He shakes his mane again, I know he doesn't wish to actually move, but he doesn't refuse my hand to his neck. He starts to move, and I hop on. I only ride for a short distance before Im hit with a dull arrow, and I fall to the floor. I wake up and Im in a small tent, i grab my letters and write to my mercenaries, Matthew, David, And Nate. ' Matthew im doing fine, Im in Paris, all I see is just darkness. ' Nate, my letter will be recieved and given to you tomorrow.' 'David, based on how I doing so far, I might not be able to make it to the siege, but my mercenaries know you, Nate, and Matthew. and they will split to help you all out.' we start to move again, this time we stopped for a chance to rest in a inn that wasn't destroyed. The chief looks at me and starts to laugh. ' Boy your horse is going to die, say your paryers for at least thats all you will say.'

Entry 3: The Attack for Paris

October 19, 1749

I raise my dagger that Matthew gave me and I stab it onto his heart, the deed is done, the chief is dead, Matthew would be proud, I grab his gold and his loot and slit the throats of the Bandits, I don't leave it clean, i run out of the camp. I see golden neighing about, I jump on his back and ride to the border, I look over the hills and I see many men running to fight the bandits and their camps, My mercenaries are here, I ride and slash and shoot down Bandits to help out the mercenaries. I ride to see the captain Mercenary waiting for me to talk to him. ' Hallo, Amico we saw you get attacked by these fiends, your name?' 'Samuel, you?' 'Ezio, Ezio Firenze.' I walk besides him and tell him about my plans to put citys on Spain. He looks to his men who are dressed weird. " they are mercenaries?' ' No, Prussians, they revolted after your spies came through to David, do not act surprised Sam, we know about all of this.' your going to help us?' ' Yes the prussians that are with us will try to revive France and Paris, Bueno Fortuna, Amico.' ' I walk away looking at whatever isn't raized be attacked.

Entry 4: A friend called..?

October 19, 1749

The Camp for the Mercenaries.

I run with Golden, The Mercenaries run along with me, they know to come with me to the camp. We are all running, archers shoot as us, the bandits figured me out and now Im through all of this, we finally make it to the camp, and we hold off our position on the hill. Moments later im resting through the night, but suddenly I wake up and I see a pair of eyes looking in my direction, I know those eyes, they're Matthews. ' Hallo Matthew.' ' Hello, Samuel.' I get up and walk over to Ezio.' You knew he was here?' ' Of Course, he was here when the camp was first being built.' I sigh and I tell the Prussian revolts that we are going to move closer to Spain in the morning. I sleep but before I do I look over my plans for the siege for David, I know he needs these plans. ' You are going to keep moving forward?' ' Yeah I figured there isn't anything else to do than move closer to Spain, Matthew.' ' You don't have to side with me Sam.' ' I know..., but David needs these plans for Prussia.' ' I respect you enough Sam, whatever choice you make, then Im fine with it.' I know.., my mind says to pick with you, but my heart says to pick David...' ' I guess you should pick David, I'll be fine then.' ' Okay, then.' We ride further into Spain, we're close now, I can feel the journey of Spain coming back to me.

Entry 5: A tale worth Song.


A road leading into the Void.

October 20, 1749

I look over to Matthew, I see a Retractable Blade, I look over to Ezio, he smiles and hands me one, ' Bueno Fortuna friends, My mercenaries will secure the void, the prussian revolts have done alot of reproduction to France.' I look to a little road further away. We all ride closer and fight through Legions of bandits, after we finish them all, Ezio looks at our blades and says ' Victori to the Assassini!' I smile and we all look to the roads, This place has fallen to shreds, This world, This Spain, has fallen, But I will repair it to former glory. I suddenly think I see Kwager walk into the Void, smiling with his eyes looking to me, Ezio and Matthew notice it, they know he isn't there, it was a memory from before.

Entry 6: A World beyond.

October 21, 1749

I look at the void, but I turn around to look at Ezio getting ready for this adventure, I look over to Matthew, I read his journal, and I walk over to him. 'Im not telling anything of this, David knows I can be careful of my choices, Kwager also, Im not betraying you at all, but im not helping you either,' I turn around and see a letter in his hand and before I do, I turn around and see Basil and his Janissaries breaking the door to Madrid down. I see spirits dying and Basil yells in his Empire, ' For the Ottomans, for the Jihad!' Matthew rushes up to them and he talks to Basil, he turns to me and tells me to come, I walk over and he burns the flag in front of my face, ' you just...... burned it.' For a moment I can feel some power like Kwager has to nearly attack Basil, but my Chivalry is holding me back. I look to the void, and I run in it along with Ezio. As I enter I feel a blast of hotness. I see that this world is reversed, I only see darkness, I run around and I see a faint path that has a bit of a gold shine to it. I run around and Ezio yells out: ' A stone!' I run to it and find myself in darkness. I stand up and find myself facing a dark version of myself ( a Legend of Zelda reference XD ), I charge forward and he does so also. I swing and he does so also, I know what I need to do. I tell ezio to shoot me, He looks at me with crazy eyes. he does hesisitate but he pulls it out, and shoots me, I fall on the floor and find my self facing Kwager, 'Holy!' Kwager whacks me. 'sorry.' he walks over to me ad hads a gem, ' A life gem, Im only giving you this once, use it wisely, or let this be your fall, like a Tragedy.' I take it and point it to my heart. I see light and see Ezio looking at me, the Darkself has disappeared and I grab the stone, I feel the ground shaking, changing color, and I see light, then I see dirt flying everywhere, I walk and find the Life Gem turned into a stone marked with gold like the shape of a sword. I see a crown on a little pillow and I know what happens now, Ezio starts to cheer in Italian, and the others do so also. Basil frowns upon Matthew but Matthew shrugs it off and starts to cheer.

Entry 7: A king better than Pears.


Me being crowned king of Espania ( Spain)

October 22, 1749

I am crowned king, and I feel proud, I look to the streets of my empire, I know people will need to help us out, but Im doing fine for now. I write a letter to David, Nate, And Kwager. ' David, I have taken spain and I have restored france.' 'Nate, I see alot of things to be restored here in my lands.' 'Kwager, seems like there are a few things to discuss.' I finish writing and Im given a letter to go to a meeting about to declare peace on the lands. I throw it to a box to read it later. I prepare to ride Golden to make way for the meeting in Itailia. I See Ezio making preparations also, I ride with Ezio and make it to the meeting just under 5 hours. I walk in and I see David walk out, He yells in Swiss and I walk in a bit angry for whats happened. I see Nate, and Kwager, Ezio smiles to Nate, and Nate replies. I sit down and I see Arengier. The meeting for Season Unending has begun. I walk out mad, The meeting was canceled after David left, Im trying to keep my cool, I walk over and get on Golden, I see Ezio talking to David, I turn around and ride back to my lands. I arive and I go to my mansion, I walk to my study and find notes. I open them and read them. Letter 1: ' Sir, we've finished our ports, but we've seen several boats riding around our waters.' Letter 2: ' Sir, those boats seem peaceful for the moment, I believe we might be bombarded.' I look at the third letter, its written in Arabic ' For King Samuel Darwa I' I look puzzled, I don't see letters in Arabic every so often.I open it and i find my self shocked here is what it read:  ' Dearly Adressed, I regret to inform you that due to the recent events, the Ottomans have been forced to seek answers. The Ottomen fleet awaits the King flagship To dock you on my garrison warship to dsicuss peace, as I originally sought. Should you ignore, than the ottomens will do the same unless provoked. If you decline, we will take that as a sign of agression and will deal with it in a approriate manner. The court awaits your move, Samuel. Signed, Emperor Matthieu Kenway I of the Ottomans.' I Drop the letter and sigh. 

Entry 8: A time for action.

November 11, 1749

I walk on the paved roads leading to the town center, I walk around with a bit of uncertainty in my face. I walk to the library and read to my self the letter of treaty. I start to talk to my self ' If I agree to this I don't think I im going to have my respect, but if I disagree I won't be respected either.' I stay at the library the whole night, and I see someone with a hood staring at me, He gets up and walks away. I get up and follow the lad, After he makes a turn and turn here and there, I find him talking to a messenger, who says he will report this behavior to Matthew. I lunge and tackle the spy and the messenger. They start to yell and push me away. The messenger hits me with his sword, and I pull my pistol and shoot him in the leg. The spy runs away and I throw a dagger to his foot, he falters and yells. I grab him and the messenger and tell them what is going on. 'Look, Matthew wants us to check you, but now it looks like we've been spotted.' ' If you want to live tell me EVERYTHING!' The next thing I know is that im knocked out.

Entry 9: A day for a rest.

November 12, 1749

I wake up seeing matthew at my face, he unties me and I feel myself drained of any of my power to fight. " lets go!' I grab my arms and get my charts and books ready for anything that I need. We walk past the stand for checking books, and we walk out seeing people cheer for Matthew, He runs past them and i see figures walking on the roofs. They fade and I knew that we would go to Matthews flagship. we make it to the boat and I look around seeing arabs working around doing any thing to prepare to set sail. ' 'Why are you setting sail, Im staying here.' ' Doesn't look so simple, we need to move the boat to Stockholm.' 'Fine' I walk around and I see shadows moving around to the ship. I grab my pistol and shoot and hear a yell so lound that even I couldn't believe what could happen. Suddenly I see Ezio aiming at a barrel of gun powder. I yell and Ezio shoots. The last thing I see is a sword flying past my head and I see Matthew killing shadows.

Entry 10: Arrival in Stockholm.

November 23, 1749

I wake in pain, I see my self in a hamick, and ezio resting and sleeping. I get up and walk over to the main deck to see the ocean of Stockholm. I see Stockholm and the port in view, arabs run around working and grabing cargo crates, for the merchant close to the port. We make it to the port and Ezio runs on deck grabbing a arm and shoots a shark onto the water, He yells and crew raise the shark onto deck. I look at what the merchant has, I check my coins and I look disappointed to not have Danish coins in my coin purse. I see sailorsdoing a coin trade: 3 Danish Krone for 2 Zolota. The sailors agree and pass coins around for the crew, I see matthew pulling out Danish Krones from his quaters and hands several to me ' Use these, this country doesn't use standard gold coins, besides several areas and Oslo uses gold coins but a bigger and heavier coins.' I nod and look on the merchant ship. I find a few several swords and find a pistol and I buy what looks like a conquistador suit.

The suit of armor I bought. Im fighting a German barbarian with little clothing.

 I take the suit and swords and pistols and the crew buys anything from better clothing to better and effective weapons. I looks at matthew and point to the port ' How far are we until we get to the port?' Matthhew looks at the port in the distance and yels back to the ' about twenty minutes, if this wind lets us.' I nod and fall alseep in my hamick. I wake up being shoved, I get to my senses and see that its Ezio, he points to the deck and I go ahead. Sailors are running unloading and merchants are litteraly trampling each other to get our goods. I look away and see several ferries moving from Oslo to Arhus. I get on Golden and ride to Matthews estate while he is off selling any little bit of cargo so he could buy more upgrades for his ship. I see his estate and ride into the stables, I feel amazed that he owns this place. I look around and I wait for Matthew to arrive. Suddenly I keep seeing servents walking around with daggers and forks, looking like they are prepared to fight a battle. Suddenly they walk up to me and shout in danish, a language I have trouble understanding. They say something that makes me stop cold: ' Move, we don't wish to stab you for your money!' I pull my sword and slash and stab the servants, a bandit cheif walks in and is startled to see me. He pulls out a pistol and I hear a bang, then my vision blurrs.

Entry 11: A battle for the Mansion.

November 25, 1749

I wake up in a bed stained with blood, I feel so weak I can't even stand or move, I force myself to grab a apple and some medication to help my wounds, I scream in pain as I move, but I know this will go away. I put the medication on my wounds and bite into a apple, already feeling my stomach and muscles working. I wait for a while and I already can stand, my wounds still hurt but it doesn't bother me, I walk around taking food and medication that I need. By the time its around 1:00, Im fully healed and prepared. I suddenly hear shouts and see marauder, bandits and outlaws and chieftans running past me, several bandits and marauders stop and guard the rooms ( also, if your wondering whats the difference between a marauder and a bandit is, Marauder: a outlaw but wears a MAJOR amount of armor. Bandit: a outlaw that wears simple clothing and carries simple weapons like swords and daggers. also a outlaw: a stronger version of bandit, but not as strong as a marauder. ) When t
Battle for the Mansion

Me attacking a Marauder and knocking him dead.

he doors close I alert the Maruaders and bandits and go out to the garden. I slash and kill several bandits and whack attack several marauders (Shown in the picture XD) they run back to alert the others and I hear cannon shots destroying the ground around the mansion, and I throw my daggers and they hit the marauder and bandits backs. I suddenly feel a hand hitting my face and knocking me out. I wake up seeing matthew and a person in his way. ' This isn't the first time I see you tied up, Samuel ' ' Im not in the mood, but who is this fellow? ' This is Carlisle I though he was dead but I guess not. Anyway, we're safe for now, We'll be leaving in several days until then, get your strength up then we'll be ready to go Solthiem in the few couple of days.' I walk to a room and go to sleep.

Entry 12: A night of rest.

November 25 Late night, 1749

I walk around the cobblestones of the roads of the mansion, I see holes of the mansion being fixed and the dirt being filled in, I start to laugh and I stop dead in my tracks when I see a man with a spear almost whack me in my face, I run over to the mansion and through Matthews door. ' Who is that man with the spear?' Who?, oh him hes Nearo, My fellow guard. I sigh, I though he was a bandit.' I walk out and I drink a Bottle of Spanish rum. 

Entry 13: A travel to the Island.

Novemder 27, 1749

We grab our cargo and our things we'll be taking with us, I take my swords and several pistols along with my conquistador suit. Sooner or later we're off getting wind and sail to our destanation. Carlise walks around pacing, looking out to the ocean, Matthew sails with pride and joy of the sea, Ezio sharpens his sword and tests his new shield. I sit around aiming my pistols and I finally spot the island, 'Solstheim!, we're not far from the port.' ' I can see that already'. I grab my arms and we dock into the port, Suddenly we're told to get off the port and our boat is searched. I groan for having my items taken from me for a fee, yet I don't have any money for the return fee.' I walk around and look at my purse pulling out Kones and I get my weapons. The sailors get theirs also. iiIiiiiiI grab my aarms and soon we land on the I    The villagers say they either take eur 

Entry 14: A job for me?

December 7, 1749

I run around swing my sword at dummies, I sigh when I see my sword falters. I try again and suddenly im thrown to the ground by Carlise. " Here, and slowly raise your sword to hit higher, rookie.' I get up ' Oi, im not a rookie attack me and lets see my strength against you!' he turns and pulls his sword out '  私を攻撃して来る' ( come on then, attack me!') ( I decided to put japanese because not alot of people actually use japanese in this era, seemed logical, Right?) 'What....?' ' Just attack me, fool! ' 'I really don't care what you said!' he charges at me and spins and hits me in the chest, and I fall. i get up and lunge forward and stop, he spins again and when he stops I charge straight into him. ' OI. ' I  knock him into a fence and he pulls out his dart gun and shoots me in the neck. I fall down and before my vision blurrs I hear a sword sheath and I hear Matthews voice ' what dart did you use?' ' sleep or poison ,we're gonna have to wait this out.' what I remember next before Im knocked out is me seeing a white light.

December 7 Noon, 1749 ( yes I went there XD)

I wake up and suddenly see Matthew, Kwager and Tyler laughing and smiling. I know what this is: a memory before all of this madness happened. ' Tyler? ' he looks at me ' look the rookie!' I walk forward but I see me from before welcoming Tyler, and Kwager. ' Good that your here, looks like you arrived on time.' I sigh and see something shining from a table. I grab it and I see Matthew and Carlise arguing about me. I learn my head against the marble and im suddenly back, seeing matthew walking out and Carlise grabing Matthew's arm and pointing at me. ' you alright lad?' 'Yeah, just a bit groggy.' Matthew hands me a letter and I read it ' Im given a position on this island?' Yes, I wanted you to take it because your war skills.' ' Alright.' 

Entry 15 My job at work

December 8, 1479

I yell and hit the wall of a barricade, I shoot bandits that are trampling my soldiers. ' Seriously, I hate being on the defensive! ' charge forward and knock them dead! ' I yell and tell the soldiers to charge at the boat in the docks.' My general, we can't push forward until we knock the other boat out of the way.' ' Other boat?' Soldiers point to another boat and they tell others to push forward.' get more soldiers! ' I sigh when I see Matthews fleet arriving from Germany. I suddenly fall to the ground and see Ezio smiling with his revolts from lands beyond. ' Look charge forward and use your weapons at will! ' ' Si, we'll get this done!' I hear cannons attacking the shores and I look at the flag from Matthews flagship, its not the Ravens its the Rebel flag: two swords crossed to make a X. I get a letter from a soldier and I am surprised to find out that Ryan is back. ' Men fight with your sword coated with blood and make this the glory battle of Chirstendom!' ( all lands that are considered to be catholic by the pope. ) I yell and already am more surpised to find soldiers wielding the cross from their uniforms. ' Oi whats with all this fighting with different fractions!? ' ' Calm down amico, these soldiers are fighting to free Stockholm from a small section of rebellion. '

Entry 16: Aftermath

December 11, 1479

I sit back letting the doctor heal my wounds, I see smoke and dead bodies from outside the tent. The doctor looks at me and sighs ' This wound isn't fatal, but I don't want you to run around. I get up slowly and walk out seeing dead soldiers of all sides, I groan and see the raven sides burned and torn.  Matthews gonna kill me, isn't he Ezio?' ' No amico just get it to the port and fix it.' I tell some men to steer the boat to the docks and tell the sailors to fix what they can. I lie down and grab my side already starting to feel pain from my leg rise to my stomach. I stand up and look to the burning ships aside from the Raven. I sigh and walk to the raven. ' Alright men, what wood is this?' ' My lord this wood is oak, however it appears to be dried and then reverted in the cold, which means we're gonna need to find oak, dry it and freeze it.'


The battle far inland where our coast where attacked by rebels.

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