h3 style="text-align:left;">Social Information</h3>

Population 1,220,234
Ethnic Groups Italian, French
State Religion Roman Catholicism

Latin, Italian, French

Political Information

Long Name The Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, The Kingdom of Savoy
Short Name Sardinia
Goverment Type Absolute Monarchy
Capitol Turin, Piedmont
Monarch Victor Emmanuel I

Diplomatic Information

Nation Monarch Standings Relation
Repubblica di Venezia Doge Raolo Pisani   Neutral Unfriendly
Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino Unknown Neutral Unfriendly
Ducato di Parma Duchessa Marie Lousie Neutral Unfriendly
Granducato di Toscana Granducato Ferdinando III Neutral Unfriendly
Ducato di Modena e Reggio Duca Francis IV Neutral Unfriendly
Regno delle Due Sicilie Re Ferdinand I Neutral Unfriendly
Repubblica di Lucca Generalissimo Josef Grau Neutral Indifferent
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King George II Neutral Indifferent
United States of America President James Monroe Neutral Indifferent
Reino de España Re Jorge I Neutral Indifferent
Unido de la Gran Colombia Re Simon Bolivar Neutral Indifferent
Royaume de France Roi Jacquez I Neutral Indifferent
Kingdom of the Brethren Coast King Cannonwalker I Neutral Indifferent
Imperiya Rossii Emperor Alexander I Neutral Indifferent
Königreich Preußen Konig Albert III Neutral Friendly
Osmanlı İmparatorluğu Sultan Matheui I Neutral Indifferent
Storhertigdömet of Sweden Duchess Celeste I Neutral Indifferent
Kaiserreich Österreich Kaiserin Maria Theresa Neutral Indifferent
Koninkrijk der Verenigde Nederland Koning Sammuel I Allied (Military) Friendly
Reino de Portugal Rainha Victoria I Neutral Unfriendly
Wspólnota Polska-Litwa Król Augustus III Neutral Friendly
Kongeriget Danmark Konge Kwagar I   Neutral Indifferent
Kurfürstentum Bayern Prins-Elector Lukas I Allied (Military) Indifferent
Sultanate of Persia Sultan Pantalo Neutral Indifferent
Emirate of Arabia Sheikh Khalaf Neutral Unfriendly
Königreich Schweiz Konig Nigel Allied (Def. & Trading) Friendly
Principado de Andorra Principe Parax I Neutral Indifferent


High Command

  • Lord Generale dell'Esercito ~ Vacant

  • Segretario Generale dell'Esercito ~ Vacant



  • Country: Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia

  • Allegience: House of Savoy

  • Active: 1324-Current

High Command

  • Lord Ammiralgio della Marina ~ Vacant</li>
  • Segretario Ammiralgio della Marina ~ Vacant


          Map of Savoyan Possession in Italy, Circa. 1820



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