Here is a complete chart of all the territory in the Carribean part called Hassigos that is under Swiss Command. This will keep alll stats, special features, notable things, etc. We are looking forward to colonizing all of Hassigos, and we will begin many operations soon. The colonization is lead by The Swiss Trading Co. Colonization Corporation ( STC-CC ). They are in charge of the colonization and have many stories about the colonizations. We hope to organize the islands and be able to keep it all in shape.


Here is a key, to decipher the locations, for example if you don't know what Port Remnant is it will tell you that it is Port Royal.


  • Port Remnant ( Port Royal )
  • Fort Matthew ( Ile De'Etable De Porc )
  • Saint Blau's Isle ( Tortuga )
  • Footstep Island ( Devil's Anvil )


  • Fort Courageous ( Fort Charles )
  • Fort Liberty ( Fort Dundee )
  • Fort Courageous Office - Tyler Crossbones' Office
  • Fort Liberty Office - Joseph Coalsmythe's Office
  • Bern Manor ( Governor's Mansion )
  • House of Parliament ( Underground Parlor Room )
  • Fort Renegade ( Thieve's Den )
  • General Blau's Office ( Trading Co. Office )
  • Blau City ( Pretty much all of the buildings on Tortuga made into a ' city ' )
  • Camp Avenger ( Food Area above Blau City )
  • Saint Blau's Manor ( Bowdash Mansion )
  • Murky River ( Murky Hollow )
  • Gold River Storage ( Barbossa's Grotto )

Wiki Locations:

  • King's Court ( Wiki Chat )


  • Hassigos
    • Port Remnant
      • Fort Courageous
        • Crossbones' Office
      • Bern Manor
    • Saint Blau's Isle
      • Fort Renegade
        • Underground Swiss Tunnel System
        • General Blau's Office
      • Blau City
        • Swiss Camp
        • Saint Blau's Manor
      • Murky River
    • Footstep Island
      • Gold River Storage

Islands to be Colonized

Here is a list of Islands that we will now start to colonize:

  • Padres Del Fuego
  • Raven's Cove
  • Cuba
  • Driftwood Island



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