Made originally in 1745, Prime Minister Blau Wolfe XIII made the official Swiss Embassy System. A new Minister of State would be accepted to run this vast system of Communication. The Swiss Embasy System (SES) keeps Switzerland in contact with other Nations in times of War and times of Peace. This system has insured that the Swiss be in good hands during rough times. This also helps us form alliance, pacts, and many other things in the world. The SES is currently lead by Minister of State, Albertus Spark.




Leader Status







800px-Flag of Sweden.svg
Sweden Queen Elisabeth I Neutral - Albertus Spark Albertus Spark
250px-Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors).svg
Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland King George  II Neutral -
800px-Pavillon royal de France.svg
Kingdom of France King Jack Bluehawk I Allied 40
800px-Imperial Standard of the Tsar of Russia (1700).svg
Tsardom of Russia Tsar Vladmir I Neutral -
800px-Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1517-1844).svg
Ottoman Empire Sultan Akif Osman I Allied 59 Sir Joseph Grey Nathaniel Crestbreaker I
Habsburg Empire Archduchess Hannah Blufeather Neutral -
Flag of Japan
Japanese Empire Emperor Bill Plunderbones Neutral -
Flag of Prussia 1892-1918-2
Kingdom of Prussia King Antonius I Neutral -
Flag of Denmark
Kingdom of Denmark King Andrew Mallace I -
Kingdom of Savoy King Charles Emmanuel III Allied 27 Sir Joseph Grey of St. Gallen
Kingdom of Malta ??? Neutral -
Kingdom of Greece Queen Madeira Catalina Morales I Neutral -
The Barbary Coast King Johnthan Turner I Neutral -

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