Mail Branch-Flag

Every need to send someone a message when they're far away? Do you need a system that allows you to contact friends all the way to Hassigos?! The Swiss Trading Co. Mail Services (STC-MS) will provide just that. With our help, you'll be able to stay in contact to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Signing up to a subscription is easy, all you need is to put your name in, and we'll count you in.


  • CEO - Blau Wolfe XIII
  • Postmaster General -
  • Postmaster Lt. General -
  • Supervisor -
    • Mailman (For Tyler Crossbones) -
    • Mailman (For Blau Wolfe XIII) -
    • Mailman (For Joseph Coalsmythe) -
    • Mailman (For Samuel Darkwalker) -
    • Mailman (For Nigel Alexander) -

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