The nation of Switzerland is run by King William II and Prime Minister Joseph Coalsmythe.

Notable Members

King - William II

Queen - Meghan III 

Crowned Prince - Alexander I

Prince - Richard I

Princess - Rose I

The Prime Minister's Office

Prime Minister - Joseph Coalsmythe

Minister of State - Albert Spark 

Minister of Defense - Roger Warskull

Minister of Finance - Blau Wolfe XIII


Lord Chancellor ~ Robert Lockbutler

House of Senate

Minister Albert Spark 

Minister Roger Warskull

Minister Blau Wolfe XIII

Lord ~

Lord ~

Members of the Upper Parliament are Marquis' 

House of Commons

  • Lord Samuel Darkwalker 
  • Lord James Hessenstein 
  • Lord Richard Venables  
  • Lord ~ 
  • Lord ~ 
  • Lord ~

Members of the Lower Parliament are Barons


The Province of Wurttemberg

The province of Wurttemberg is an area located directly to the north of Switzerland. It was claimed after the events of the Skirmish on Lake Constance. 

  1. Viceroy ~ 
  • Chief Commissioner of Stuttgart ~ 
  • Chief Commissioner of Freiburg ~
  • Commissioner of Sector 1 ~ Hannah Bluefeather
  • Commissioner of Sector 2 ~ Edward Edgewalker
  • Commissioner of Sector 3 ~ Jeremiah Garland 
  • Commissioner of Sector 4 ~ Eric Hullbaten 
  • Commissioner of Sector 5 ~ Ishmael Venables 
  • Commissioner of Sector 6 ~


Capital - Berne

Population - 4,500,000

Guild - The United Allies

Goverment type - Constitutional Monarchy

Motto - Regola Svizzera

Monarch - King William II

Common Name - Swiss Confederation

Official Name - The Kingdom of the Swiss Confederacy

Royal Name - Switzerland (Used in titles)

State Religion - Roman Catholic

Armed Forces - 110,085

France, 1740 - Copy222

  • The Swiss Confederacy = Red

Portraits of Members

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