Recently the new King, William II, has issued a notice that four cantons will be issued sectors that one Governor is Duke in.


Bern District

The Province of Bern is the Capital province of Switzerland. It remains heavily protected during this time of crisis. 

  • Governor/Duke - King William II
  • Military Commander - Benjamin I 
  • Secretary of Education - Alexander I
  • Secretary of Services - Richard I 
  • Count of Valais ~ 
  • Count of Solothorn ~ 

Zurich District

The province of Zurich is the most powerful canton. It is currently the ain battle ground between the UIC Terror Movement, and the Royalist Cause. 

  • Governor/Duke - Joseph Coalsmythe
  • Military Commander - 
  • Secretary of Education -
  • Secretary of Services -  
  • Count of St. Gallen ~ Joseph Grey
  • Count of Schywz ~
  • Count of Lucerne ~ 
  • Count of Aargua ~ 
  • Count of Bassel ~ 
  • Count of Glarus ~ 
  • Count of Zug ~
  • Count of Thurgau ~ 
  • Count of Shaffhausen ~ 
  • Count of Obwalden ~ 

Graubunden District ~ Enemy State 

The Province of Graubunden is the largest canton. It currently houses the Swiss Rebellion. 

Government Roles

  • Prassident of Graubunden - Blau Wolfe XIII 
  • Prassident of Uri - Jack Daggerstealer 
  • Prassident of Ticono - Matthias Kenwëy
  • Supplier to the Swiss Rebellion - Nico Simone 

Jura District 

The province of Jura is one of the newest cantons. 

  • Governor/Duke - Richard Venables (Under direct supervision of the Royalist Cause, overseen by Commander Wolf Ironbane of the State Defense Police) 
  • Military Comander - Sir John Glorybane (Lt. Commander Nathaniel Witchsteel of the Honor Guard Regiment of the Rhine) 
  • Secretary of Education - Ishmael Venables
  • Secretary of Services-
  • Count of Jura ~ 
  • Count of Geneva ~
  • Count of Vaud ~ 
  • Count of Nidwalden ~ 
  • Count of Neuchatel ~ 
  • Count of Fribourg ~ 

Coat of Arms

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