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The leader of the Ironshot Clan

The Ironshot clan is a Clan led by Christopher Ironshot all members will be as is to relation.

Charles Ironshot IV - Father ( Deseasced )

Elizabeth Ironshot II - Mother ( Deseasced )

Charles Ironshot V - Brother (POW- Prisoner of War )

Lawrence Ironshot X - Brother

Elizabeth Ironshot Blastimbers ( Currently Married to Commander George Blastimbers of the French Royal Navy )

Mary Pistol - Ironshot - Wife ( Deseaced )

Rear Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson ( Middle name sake ) Uncle ( Deseasced )

Elizabeth Ironshot IV - Daughter

Charles Ironshot V - Son

This is the list of my Family - My regards Admiral Christopher Horatio Charles Nelson Ironshot Admiral of the Swiss Fleet.

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