Trial of Gavin Texan

Gavin Texan has been called to Trial for crimes against The Monarchy, and the People of Switzerland. He has created the UIC Terror Organization (UIC-TO) to massacre citizens of Switzerland and cause a rebellion against his most Revered Majesty, Tyler Kroshban I. Gavin Texan has also been found for working with Matthew O'Malley in the Rebellion. Gavin Texan has been working with Matthew O'Malley to assassinate the King during the Battle of Berne. Gavin Texan and Matthew O'Malley formed the Inner Circle of the UIC-TO called Triple Threat. Triple Threat was at the King's Palace until word got out that the Battle of Bern was a loss for the Rebels. Triple Threat escaped from the Royal Palace but were caught in the act. Gavin Texan is to be tried by a Jury of Peers and His Majesty, Tylar Kroshban I acting as Justice for the Trial.


Gavin Texan will be held in the King's Court. After the Hearing, Prosecution Speech, and Defense Speech, the Jury will be linked to a secret Wiki where they shall conduct their discussion. They will have exactly 15 minutes to debate. The Trial will immediately be after the Trial of Matthew O'Malley.


  • Judge ~ His Majesty, William II
  • Bailiff ~
  • Security ~ Provided by members of the King's Royal Bodyguard.


  • Prosecution Attorney ~ Blau Wolfe XIII
  • Prosecutor ~
  • Prosecutor ~


  • Defendant ~ Gavin Texan
  • Lawyer ~ Sir Matias Richard Alesiano Kenway


  • Presiding Juror ~ Blau Wolfe XIII
  • Juror ~ Reyes de Luz
  • Juror ~
  • Juror ~
  • Juror ~


Gavin Texan has been found guilty of massacring, rebellion, conspiracy, and several other counts of crimes. He is hereby sentenced to exile in the Yucatan Peninsula where we will work in a Labor Camp for the Spanish.

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